Master the Art
(and Science) of CX

Master the Art
(and Science) of CX

Fast, Practical, Fun – Start Learning!

CXMA courses teach the valuable lesson of how to view the world through your customers’ eyes, and the Customer Experience (CX) techniques and tools to act on those perspectives to improve your organization. They give context for making CX-centric decisions that will improve customer experiences and improve a company's bottom line. Because happier customers are customers who stick around, spend more, and sing your praises to others.
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CXMA courses build:

  • Leadership skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Increased focus and decision-making skills
  • Business Acumen
  • Empathy
  • Collaboration Skills

What You Will Learn

Unlock the power of customer satisfaction and drive business success with CXMA’s comprehensive training and education, designed to provide a deep understanding of CX principles and techniques whether you're new to CX or seeking to enhance your existing knowledge. 
Free mini-course
Discover Customer Experience basics and how one company, named a Forbes Most-Customer Centric company, brings CX to life. 
Introduction to CX
Learn the fundamental concepts of CX, how it affects your work and relationships, and how experience-led brands think.
CX Capabilities
Explore and develop the skills which teams adopt to build customer-centric ways of thinking and working. 
Insights to Action
Learn how anyone in the company can use data and information to identify issues and drive improvements. 
Acquire Design Thinking skills and learn how to apply them to create value for customers and employees. 
Understanding how experience management benefits everyone learning about metrics, measures, and financial value. 
Acquire practical and actionable tools and techniques to handle situations in a more customer-centric way. 

Sticking the Landing

Recap and reinforce how to apply everything learned to successfully deliver great customer experiences. 
Course #1: CX 101

Learn How to Deliver a Better Customer, Partner and Employee Experience

If you or your organization are aspiring to customer-centricity, CX 101 is where you want to start. CX 101 sets your CX knowledge foundation and starts you and your organization on the path to improving customer and employee experiences.
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The CX 101 program consists of eight fast and fun lessons that give you the knowledge and skills to start creating experiences that smooth the way for customers, increase revenue, and provide opportunities for growth. In addition to guiding learners through the key concepts of CX, this introductory course illustrates how experience-led brands think and act differently from “the norm.” We’ll look at the latest research and practical examples so that you can start working on improving your own customer experience strategy right away.

You'll learn:

  • What customer experience (CX) is (and isn’t)
  • Why CX matters, and why now
  • How to serve both internal and external customers 
  • The importance of designing experiences customers want
  • The importance and value of outstanding experiences
  • The best methods to link CX to financial / business value and Return on Investment
CXMA learning isn’t about passing quizzes. Our model is about teaching you the best ways to collaborate with (and educate) others in your organization, to improve business by understanding your customers better, and acting on what you learn.
New Courses On the Way

What Comes Next?

More courses are in the works, designed to expand your CX practical knowledge and skill level. They include critical topics such as:
  • The foundational tools of Customer Experience: journey maps, design thinking, measures, and more... 
  • Understanding and Building Personas and Empathy Maps
  • Creating Journey Maps (and how to use them)
  • Moving from Data to Insights and Action
  • The critical use of Voice of Customer data and VoC Programs
  • Demystifying Financial Metrics
  • So much more
Are you ready to deliver a better experience for your customers?
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